Genetic Counseling

In addition to our amazing lab experts, LabSolutions also employs board-certified genetic counselors. These individuals are skilled in providing assistance with understanding the genetic testing and genetic testing results.

We Are Your Partners

Genetic counselors are health professionals with specialized training and experience in the areas of medical genetics and counseling. They are trained to discuss genetic testing and results. They also provide help for our providers and patients in understanding the test and the use of this information for medical management. Our genetic counselors will answer all of our patients’ and/or providers’ questions, as well as provide a written summary of the discussions. This service is free for all of our healthcare providers, as well as our patients who have a genetic test provided by LabSolutions.

Genetic Counseling Session

Each genetic counseling session is conducted over the telephone. Our sessions are specific to each of our patient’s medical and applicable family histories. Our goal to provide answers for any questions concerning the genetics results completed. The discussions include information on hereditary cancer risk, pharmacogenomics, carrier screening, and hereditary cardiac conditions.

If you have any medical questions regarding your testing or the results, please make a genetic counseling appointment by contacting via phone at 404-228-5027, or by emailing

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