Genetic Counseling

In addition to our onsite lab director, LabSolutions provides patients and providers with access to board-certified genetic counselors by phone to answer any questions about genetic testing and genetic test results. 

Each genetic counseling session is specific to a patient medical and applicable family histories based on hereditary conditions associated with cancer, carrier screen, or cardio health.

There is no additional charge for patients to access any of these services.

Genetic Counseling Session

LabSolutions will schedule the appointment based on the time/date preference received on the completed Genetic Counseling Session Request form. A board-certified genetic counselor will then be in contact with the patient to discuss specific questions from the patients’ family history including specifics to the patients' parents, grandparents, children, etc. During the call, the counselor will develop a draft pedigree highlighting important facts pertinent their own, and potentially their family's, further options as necessary.

Patient Counseling Session Request Form