Frequently Asked Questions


How is testing ordered? How are test results communicated? Is testing covered by my insurance? How much will the patient get billed? How can my clinic start sending patient samples in for testing at LabSolutions? Does the detection in urine of ETG and ETS rule out the possibility of hand sanitier or mouth wash use? My patient swears they had recently used heroin but the confirmation results came back negative. Are they lying? My patient is on a daily routine of Oxycodone, but I see no Oxymorphone in their urine confirmation. Are they spiking their urine sample during collection? I had my patient's urine collected and sent to two different laboratories for comparison. The first laboratory came back with a positive THC result, however your laboratory came back negative for THC. Explain this please. Our patient is prescribed Lortab (hydrocodone) but their urine confirmation states negative for hydrocodone but positive for hydromorphone. The doctor is ready to kick them out of the program, are we justified? When will a sample report be released? Why is a CBC rejected? Do we send out for ___ test? What collection devices are needed for testing? May I be transferred to someone directly in the lab? What is the stability for RPP testing? Can I add a test to a report already released? Why is a specimen placed on hold? What is the process after a hold is released? If I'm submitted for a test, will my medical information be kept confidential, and how can I get access to it? What information MUST be on a specimen label so it will not be rejected? Who do I contact for shipping and delivery questions? What is the difference between an Explanation of Benefits (EOB) and a bill? Who do I contact if my location has a question about a particular patient sample? How is a new account set up to receive LabSolutions testing services? Do you store patient specimens for later testing/retesting if needed? POC test screened negative for all drugs at collection but confirmed positive by LC/MSMS. Why? What shipping options are available for LabSolutions customers? POC test screened positive for certain drugs at collection but confirmed negative. How? How are LabSolutions supplies ordered?