About Us

At LabSolutions we are a committed to working with clinicians to ensure every patient has the most accurate information in order to make the most informed decisions regarding their health. Each sample that enters our state-of-the-art lab represents a patient that is in need of information that will be used to educate and improve his or her health and well-being. We offer cutting-edge molecular testing, clinical chemistry, and toxicological testing in order to ensure that our patients get the most accurate and timely results we can offer.

Our Offerings

At LabSolutions, we offer Molecular, Clinical Chemistry & Hematology, as well as Toxicological testing.

COLA accredited and CLIA certified

Molecular Testing

For our molecular testing, we utilize gene sequencing either in specific genes or full genomes in order to test for hereditary cancers, carrier screening, prenatal testing, respiratory pathogen panels, inherited cardiology disorders, and women’s health screening.

Clinical Chemistry & Hematology

Our clinical chemistry & hematology labs aid in the efficacy and accuracy of average wellness panels. We screen for cardiology, diabetic, renal and hepatic health, inflammation, reproductive health, and many more conditions.


Our toxicology lab provides an extensive panel of over 120 drugs and metabolites including methemphenamine D&L. We are equipped to handle blood, urine, and oral fluid samples.